Application Process

Application are due January 30. Decisions will be made by May 15.

Funds must be used by the end of the calendar year in which they are granted.

Applications must be emailed as a single PDF file. All applications must include:

COVER SHEETIn order - Maximum Length = one page

  • Total Dollar amount being requested from the Children’s Foundation

  • Name and mailing address of organization

  • Phone, fax and email

  • Contact person’s name and title

  • A statement summarizing the purpose/activities of the organization

  • A statement summarizing the grant request

  • Total project budget

  • The period the grant will cover

  • Signature of organization’s Director or Board Chair

  • Date of Grant Submission

NARRATIVEMaximum Length = three pages

  • Organization Information – summary of organization’s history, mission and goals. Brief description of current programs, activities and accomplishments

  • Purpose of Grant – Statement of need/problem to be addressed. Description and number of children to be served. Description of project goals and objectives and whether this is a new or ongoing program. Timeline for implementation of grant. List of collaborating organizations. Long term strategies for funding this project after the grant period.

  • Evaluation – Statement of how you define and measure success for this project. How will evaluation results be used, disseminated and/or replicated.


  • Project Budget

  • Organization’s current budget

  • List of Board of Directors / Key Staff involved in the project

  • Copy of most recent IRS determination letter indicating 501(c)(3) status

  • Other funding sources to whom you have submitted requests for this project and the status of requests, if known


Grant Requests should be sent to:

Anne M. Denman, Administrator